Fjorn's Hall

Norse History, Literature, and Lore

Fjorn’s Hall


Welcome, traveler, to my humble hall! I encourage you to make yourself at home — be comfortable, keep warm, and enjoy a drink or even a feast (whatever the form)! While you stay, I will be your host — most folk call me Fjorn the Skald. I am a poet, of sorts, although I often speak in prose. It is my passion to recite tales of old, to make them new and engaging once more. And yet, while I retell history and lore as best I can, I stay faithful and true to the erudite scholars before me, whose labors have built the foundation upon which my own stories lay. What you see here is my Hall, which harbors a collection of lore, sources, and retellings of the history of the medieval North. My words flow to you from lore that is forever growing and unfolding. Together, with you as my audience and myself as your storytelling host, we will tell old tales and collect knowledge about the medieval North, allowing the old to become new again in our hearts.

Skál! (Cheers!) 🍻
— Fjorn the Skald