Fjörn’s Hall

Welcome weary friend,
to Fjörn’s warm hall,
where a kind skald sings
old stories anew!
Both harp and hearthside
beckon you hither,
heartily humming
mirth’s old harmony!

Here in this humble hall we explore the medieval North through its sagas, sharing their stories with a fellowship of guests. It is a place of learning, but also a place for companionship and good times. Here we often gather through a podcast to discuss the wondrous sagas of the medieval North, but I also offer a variety of history courses, which are called either Hearthside History (for special topics) or History Raids (for themed courses). In those posts, I explore the various aspects of the medieval North, especially the Viking Age and medieval Iceland. I also offer Lore Tomes which contain resources for learning more about the Old Ways of the North. But much more happens here in this Hall! There are great sagas to find and interactive maps to help you explore the medieval North. So, weary wanderer, take a place near the fire and join the company of our fellowship! Together we shall feast with mead to warm our stomachs and sagas to warm our hearts!

Fjörn’s Hall Trailer

♪ “Firesong” Kevin MacLeod (
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Skál! (Cheers!) 🍻
— Fjörn the Skald