Unn or Aud? The Saga(s) of a Remarkable Woman who Settled Part of Iceland

Today we talk about the remarkable Aud the Deep-minded, an impressive woman from medieval Iceland who boldly saved her family from destruction and became one of Iceland’s most famous settlers. But there’s a catch: she hasn’t always been remembered in quite the same way. In the sagas recounting her deeds, she has been called both Unn and Aud; and although they each refer to the same person, those names reflect alternative versions of both her story and her identity. And so, the aim of this gathering is not only to enjoy her impressive saga(s), but also to unravel the different ways that she has been remembered by the authors who retold her story throughout the medieval period.

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📖 Featured Resources 📖

Sofie Vanherpen is an independent PhD scholar working with Ghent University on a wonderful project about Aud the Deep-minded! I implore all of my guests to explore her work and offer support in whatever way you can!

🌿 Sofie’s Academia page – independent.academia.edu/SofieVanherpen
🌿 Sofie’s WordPress blog – vanherpens.wordpress.com

📖 Additional Resources 📖

Here’s the map I promised, my friends, showing Aud’s impressive journey!

📖 The Sagas 📖

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📖 Academic Works Mentioned 📖


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🌿 Carol J. Clover, “Regardless of Sex: Men, Women, and Power in Early Northern Europe,” Speculum 68, no. 2 (Apr., 1993): 363-87.
🌿 Sofie Vanherpen, “Remembering Auðr/Unnr djúp(a)uðga Ketilsdóttir: Construction of Cultural Memory and Female Religious Identity,” Mirator 14, no. 2 (2013): 61-78.

📖 Music Credits 📖

🌿 “Fjörn’s Melody,” by Fjörn the Skald
🌿 “Interlude,” by Fjörn the Skald

📖 Acknowledgements 📖

I would like to offer my most sincere thanks and gratitude to Fjörn’s Fellowship. Without their support, this post would not be possible. In fact, this entire Hall would be nothing if not for their support and companionship. Here are the names (taken from Patreon) of the members of this Fellowship who supported me during the time I wrote this post:

🌿 Anastasia Haysler, Cataclysmit, Froggy, Jonas Lau Markussen, and Kathleen Phillips.

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