04 – Rímur: Reciting Part I of Gisli Sursson’s Epic

Behold! a modern Viking’s poem! Hear a skald recite the first part of an epic poem inspired by Gisli Sursson’s Saga, a work of medieval Icelandic literature written during the 13th century. This part of the poem recounts the first chapter of that saga, which takes place in Norway just a few generations before Gisli’s time. Quick to get bloody, it involves two duels and two men who struggle to the death over a precious sword. And did I mention a berserk named Bjorn? Who will prevail? How will these bloody duels end? Find out in this performance of Gisli Sursson’s Epic!

(To download this gathering, just right click and save this link!)

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♪ All music is original and owned by the creator of this podcast.


I would like to offer my most sincere thanks and gratitude to Fjörn’s Fellowship. Without their support and companionship, this Hall would be nothing. Here are the names (taken from Patreon) of the members of this Fellowship who supported me during the time I wrote this post:

Anastasia Haysler, Cataclysmit, Froggy, Jonas Lau Markussen, Kathleen Phillips, and Sarah Dunn.


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