#GunnarsGang, II

Occasionally, the Hall’s companion Gunnar Hnefataflsson embarks on a mission to promote the sagas of the medieval North, the scholarship that surrounds them, and discover new stories that have been inspired by them. These are the books that he found this time:


Jesse Byock’s Viking Language 1

#Thorsday (or #FolkloreThursday)

The Poetic Edda (as translated by Carolyne Larrington)

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“Furious was Thor when he awoke and missed his hammer; he shook his beard, he tossed his hair to and fro, Earth’s son began to grope about.” 🔥 There are many stories about #Thor, #Odin, and #Loki in the Poetic Edda—perhaps several you’ve never heard before. Luckily, the skalds of old composed #poetry about the #Norse gods, and here Dr. Larrington has translated them into clear and easy-to-read English. ↟ Get your own copy here: https://www.bookdepository.com/Poetic-Edda-Carolyne-Larrington/9780199675340/?a_aid=fjorn (affiliate link) ↟ #bookstagram #Thorsday #FolkloreThursday #GunnarsGang #norsemythology #mythology #folklore #lore #viking #vikings #book #books

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The Saga of the Volsungs (as translated by Jesse Byock)

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Most of you have heard Arthur’s tale of pulling a sword from stone, but have you heard of Sigmund, who pulled one out of a tree during a wedding feast? Placed there by #Odin, it was a sword that granted victory. 🗡 But how long does victory last? And does wealth won at the tip of a blade really lead to happiness? This #saga, based on poems from the #Viking Age, tells a powerful story combining mythology, love, jealousy, greed, and vengeance. Oh, but did I mention #dragons? 🐉 And the greatest hero of the #medieval North, Sigurd? Yeah, you don’t want to miss out on this one. ↟ Get your own copy here: https://www.bookdepository.com/Saga-Volsungs-Jesse-L-Byock/9780140447385/?a_aid=fjorn (affiliate link) ↟ #SagaSaturday #GunnarsGang #bookstagram #books #book #norse #norsemythology #mythology #lore #folklore #vikings #sagas #read #reading

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gunnar-hnefataflssonHelp our Hall Companion Gunnar Hnefataflsson promote the literature of the medieval North (both old and new) by using the hashtag #GunnarsGang all across the great virtual Midgard! Posts using that hashtag to promote books will occasionally be featured on the Hall’s Instagram, Twitter, or even here on the blog! Happy reading, my friends!

↟ All links to books are affiliated with Book Depository—any purchase made through those links will help our Hall grow and prosper (with no additional costs). Takk fyrir.

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