Like Norse Mythology? Here are Some Resources.

Of course, I do have my own fair share of resources about Norse mythology here in the Hall, including Lore Tomes about the Norse Gods, several posts about the Land-Spirits (including a podcast episode), and information regarding the Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar. But for those who really want to explore this topic further, here are several useful and reliable resources worth knowing about (and that I recently shared with the Viking History class that I have been TAing for):


For the Poetic Edda (a primary source containing poems about Norse mythology), I recommend either Professor Carolyne Larrington‘s or Dr. Jackson Crawford‘s translation:

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As for the Prose Edda (another primary source about Norse mythology, composed by the Icelandic chieftain Snorri Sturluson in the 13th century), I recommend starting with Jesse L. Byock‘s translation (if you’re new to all of this). Otherwise, go for Dr. Anthony Faulkes‘ translation (which includes the full Edda):

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As for academic guides concerning Norse mythology, consider the following books by Professor Carolyne Larrington and Dr. John Lindow:

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Viking Society for Northern Research

The entire Prose Edda, as translated by Dr. Anthony Faulkes, is available online as a free PDF through the Viking Society for Northern Research (University College London).

Likewise, there are articles/papers by Dr. Faulkes about Snorri Sturluson (the author of the Prose Edda) available there as well, such as “Snorri Sturluson: His Life and Work” and “The Influence of the Latin Tradition on Snorri Sturluson’s Writings.”

An older, illustrated translation of the Poetic Edda (from 1908 and done by Dr. Olive Bray) is also available online as a free PDF through the VSNR.

Several other resources like those mentioned above can be found on the VSNR’s publication page, including several other primary sources.

The Viking Answer Lady

valhomeThis website is a wonderful resource for everything ‘Viking.’ Like the posts here, the pages on the Viking Answer Lady’s website are cited and sources are listed at the bottom of each page. Her mythology section currently contains 11 detailed and informative pages exploring lore-related topics ranging from the draugar (Viking zombies) and even the role of the Northern Lights within Norse spirituality.

The Norse Mythology Blog

A large collection of primary sources and books pertaining to Norse mythology (and more) can also be found on The Norse Mythology Blog‘s Online Library, which is maintained by Dr. Karl E. H. Seigfried. Do note that most of those editions are rather old now, though.


As for a less traditional resource (but still tremendously useful and reliable), I highly recommend checking out some of the videos on Dr. Jackson Crawford‘s YouTube channel. You will not only find videos about Norse mythology there, but also much about the Old Norse language, runes, and other aspects Norse society and culture. Here’s just one of his videos:

Another YouTube channel, which began just recently (about 3 months before this blog post was published), is The Nordic Mythology Channel run by Dr. Mathias Nordvig.


And finally, although they are not academics in the field, I know two guys who run an excellent podcast dedicated to exploring Norse mythology called the Northern Myths Podcast.

Likewise, I know another podcast that frequently interviews academics in the field called the History of Vikings Podcast. Occasionally, the research of the professors and academics interviewed there focus on Norse mythology and folklore in particular.

There is also a relatively new podcast called the Myth Legend & Lore Podcast, which delves into various mythological traditions, but Norse is a frequent topic of discussion there.

🦉 Did I miss something? Comment below or send me a raven at to offer suggestions, criticisms, or enthusiasms! Þǫkk fyrir!

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