08 – ‘Viking’ Love Stories


When it comes to love in the medieval North, these are some of the most essential stories to know. We start things off with a fairly detailed discussion of Freyja, the free-spirited goddess of love and war, which includes some coverage of her ferocious cats and her experience with magic (seiðr). But after that, we enjoy the stories of Freyja’s unwanted suitors, the bear-curse love story of Bjorn and Bera, and finally the destructive love triangle between Gudrun, Kjartan, and Bolli. But if all of that isn’t enough, we even discuss a few Icelandic love spells. What’s not to love about this episode?

For a full list of sources, including in-text citations, detailed endnotes, and several useful links, see the forthcoming blog-post version of this podcast episode. (I’ll update this as soon as it is posted.)

Magical staves (pictures): Stave #1Stave #2

Want to read the sagas and lore featured in this episode? Use the links below the find them and support the Hall:

  1. The Saga of the People of Vatnsdal
  2. Prose Edda
  3. Poetic Edda
  4. The Saga of Hrolf Kraki
  5. The Saga of the People of Laxardal

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