“All Waters Flow to Dyrafjord”

This quote comes at a pivotal movement of Gisli’s Saga, when a man named Vestein decides to face his fate despite warnings from his friends. At this point, those friends (who were sent by Gisli himself) had ridden tirelessly to catch up to Vestein, and they implored him to turn around before riding into the danger that awaits him. But, to the audience’s frustration, Vestein replies that “now all waters flow to Dyrafjord” before saying that he is nevertheless determined to continue his journey. This line is powerful, because it means that it is too late for Vestein to go against fate’s current. This is a common mentality found in the sagas, which are famous, in part, for their fatalistic view of the world.

The image used for this quote was taken by myself near Dyrafjord last summer, and it is held to be the exact location where Vestein spoke this line. You can find this location yourself below:

If you’d like to know more about this quote and the moment it describes, consider getting yourself a copy of Gisli’s Saga and reading the whole story for yourself (this copy even comes with a second saga called Eyrbyggja saga, which is also quite good):

But until next time, keep wandering.


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