Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar: 2019-2020

Want a cool graphic to help you navigate this year like a Viking? Want one that’s historically informed to the best of this author‘s abilities? Well, for starters then, that was a poor use of the term ‘Viking,’ as most of my guests and readers will know by now. And if that sentence stumps you, I recommend skimming through this post to get on board with the rest of us. Likewise, you may want to read this post about how the Old Norse-Icelandic calendar works. It includes more information than my single graphic could possibly hold, such as how medieval Icelanders conceptualized time at every level (hours, days, weeks, months, etc.). Reading that post will make the following web-loot more understandable.

But without further rambling, here’s this year’s calendar (late, but better than never):

If you want to keep this handy calendar in your pocket while you roam and wander Midgard, feel free to download it right here:

Once again, if nothing above makes sense to you, make sure to read my post about the Old Norse-Icelandic calendar! It’s got plenty of wisdom to offer. But on a similar note, I admit that the information provided both in this post and that one may have flaws. I’m only human, after all, so if there’s something you notice that’s either wrong or confusing, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at fjorntheskald@gmail.com so we can discuss and correct our knowledge!

But until next time, keep wandering.


3 thoughts on “Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar: 2019-2020

    1. It’s always my pleasure! I enjoyed making sure this one was much nicer than the last. Hopefully I’ll be a bit more timely for next year’s, though.

      And thank you for leaving a comment! It’s always good to hear from you.


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