10 – Reading Beowulf, Pt. 1: “Poetically Recreating the Past.”

Behold! the first episode of our read-through of R.M. Liuzza’s translation of Beowulf! In this gathering, we discuss pages 11 through 18 of the introduction, which provides us with the knowledge that we need to responsibly read this epic poem (and medieval literature as a whole). Along the way, we highlight the following questions: how did a burnt, genre-defiant manuscript barely live to see its explosive popularity in later periods? What made Beowulf so popular, anyway? What are its narrative roots? Is it historically accurate? How have scholars tackled this work? And how should we approach it for ourselves? Join us in the Hall to hear more!

☕️ This episode was fueled by The Burnt-Njal from Fjorn’s tea shop, The Northern Herbalist.

📖 Want to read along? Here’s the edition we’re using! (unaffiliated link here)

📚 Digitally explore the entire manuscript containing Beowulf here.

🐦 Make sure to follow the Hall on Twitter to participate in polls that help decided what material to cover and when! (@Fjorn_the_Skald)

📩 Have any questions, suggestions, or concerns? Send a Raven to Fjorn at fjorntheskald@gmail.com.

🎵 Music Credits: “Celtic Impulse” by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech)

📝 Want my notes? Download them right here:

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