About Fjörn

Although the name Fjörn complements this blog’s Norse aesthetic far better, my real name is Steven Dunn (which is very boring in comparison). I’m currently a medievalist at the University of South Florida pursing an M.A. in History and working as a Graduate Assistant. Unsurprisingly, my research focuses on the Vikings and the medieval North more broadly, but I especially enjoy studying medieval Iceland because I specialize in saga literature—my favorite saga (and the one I’ve worked the most with) is Njal’s Saga. Despite being a history major, I prefer bringing various disciplines into conversation when I work: history, english, anthropology, linguistics, etc. But if you’d like to know more about my academic side, I suggest taking a quick look at my Curriculum Vitae.

“Vindur og rík fjöll,” or “Wind and Lordly Mountains,” a recent example of my art.

On a more personal note, I’m quite a diverse person. I consider myself not only a scholar, but also an aspiring author (I have been world-building for several years now), musician (cello, harp, piano), and a post-impressionist painter (with an online Etsy shop). I’m also fond of drinking tea, listening to classical music, and watching anime (believe it or not, I really do like Japanese things as well). When I’m not blogging or painting, I enjoy relaxing with some video games (I’m Fjörn on Steam), wandering in nature, or hanging out with a small group of friends in a quiet place (anywhere with books and tea is a plus for me). And so, like Odin, I am a complex combination of various interests and pursuits—and no matter which path I walk, they all accompany me.

Keep wandering,