About Fjörn

Although the name Fjörn complements this website’s Norse aesthetic far better, my real name is Steven T. Dunn (which is very boring in comparison). I am a graduate student at the University of South Florida, where I also work as a graduate assistant. I have a B.A. in History, but I am currently working to upgrade it to an M.A.. My research focuses on the history and literature of medieval Iceland (especially the Sagas of Icelanders, like most folk). I especially like topics involving material culture (especially ordinary things), bonds (i.e. fellowship, friendship, kinship, etc.), and conflict resolution. Oh! and of course I am deeply fascinated with the different ways stories are told, how they shape memory, and what various roles they can play in a given society! But there is quite a lot more that I like, too!

I started this project back in September 2015, although I never thought it would have come this far. I was just a college student obsessed with the Vikings, playing too much Skyrim over the summer and browsing the seemingly endless sea of Viking/Norse pins of Pinterest. Yet, somehow, here we are. In November 2017 I started working on this website earnestly, and by July 2018 I even made a podcast. Who know what the future will bring! But one thing is for sure–there’s much more to come!

For more details regarding my academic credibility and interests, feel free to take a look at my CVhttps://usf.academia.edu/StevenDunn/CurriculumVitae