10 – Reading Beowulf, Pt. 1: “Poetically Recreating the Past.”

Behold! the first episode of our read-through of R.M. Liuzza's translation of Beowulf! In this gathering, we discuss pages 11 through 18 of the introduction, which provides us with the knowledge that we need to responsibly read this epic poem (and medieval literature as a whole). Along the way, we highlight the following questions: how did a burnt, genre-defiant manuscript barely live to see its explosive popularity in later periods? What made Beowulf so popular, anyway? What are its narrative roots? Is it historically accurate? How have scholars tackled this work? And how should we approach it for ourselves? Join us in the Hall to hear more! Head to https://fjorns-hall.com/2020/01/31/ep-10/ for more information.

Pod-Prep: Beginning Beowulf

The votes are in, my friends! Our Thingmen over on Twitter have decided which work of medieval literature will kickstart the revival of The Fjorn's Hall Podcast: Beowulf. https://twitter.com/Fjorn_the_Skald/status/1216705147470073857 Indeed, it has been decided that I will take on one of the most discussed works of medieval literature right off the bat. Prepare for (some) …

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09 – Álfablót: Sacrificing to the Elves

Occasionally, Viking fans and modern-day Norse pagans throw around the term álfablót (elf-sacrifice), but what does that actually involve? What is an elf-sacrifice, anyway? And what is it for? In this episode of the Fjorn's Hall Podcast, I share a few stories from medieval sources dealing with this topic: sacrifices made to the elves. Although …

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Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar: 2019-2020

Want a cool graphic to help you navigate this year like a Viking? Want one that's historically informed to the best of this author's abilities? Well, for starters then, that was a poor use of the term 'Viking,' as most of my guests and readers will know by now. And if that sentence stumps you, …

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ヴィンランド・サガ: Vikings in Manga & Anime

Although the Vikings never quite made it to Japan (as far as we know), their culture still managed to find its way there hundreds of years after the Viking Age. But the impact has been...minimal, to say the least. After all, whenever a curious wanderer searches for バイキング (that's 'Viking' in Japanese) on Google, they …

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Álfablót: Sacrificing to the Elves

It was around the year 1019 when we traveled eastwards into Sweden with our cloaks tightly bound in search for warmth, Sigvat the Poet and I. Winter's icy grip was strengthening over the land as summer faded with the leaves, but King Olaf II of Norway (now known as St. Olaf) had sent Sigvat there …

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Concerning ‘Red Gold’

When you look at gold, what color do you see? Probably some shade of yellow. Why, then, do Old Norse texts often mention 'red gold'? Is it different from normal gold? If so, what is it? I was asked this question on Tumblr recently, so I took a moment to dig up an answer. Here's …

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