Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar: 2019-2020

Want a cool graphic to help you navigate this year like a Viking? Want one that's historically informed to the best of this author's abilities? Well, for starters then, that was a poor use of the term 'Viking,' as most of my guests and readers will know by now. And if that sentence stumps you, … Continue reading Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar: 2019-2020


Álfablót: Sacrificing to the Elves

It was around the year 1019 when we traveled eastwards into Sweden with our cloaks tightly bound in search for warmth, Sigvat the Poet and I. Winter's icy grip was strengthening over the land as summer faded with the leaves, but King Olaf II of Norway (now known as St. Olaf) had sent Sigvat there … Continue reading Álfablót: Sacrificing to the Elves

Spring Arrives with Baldr

Today is the first day of spring, which, for me, is a day to admire the constant renewal of life in the world around us. More specifically, though, I always find myself thinking of Baldr, who (as many of us know) returns from Hel to restore life to the post-Ragnarok world. As stanza 59 of Völuspá recounts:  … Continue reading Spring Arrives with Baldr

‘Viking’ Love Stories [♪]

Download When it comes to love in the medieval North, these are some of the most essential stories to know. We start things off with a fairly detailed discussion of Freyja, the free-spirited goddess of love and war, which includes some coverage of her ferocious cats and her experience with magic (seiðr). But after that, … Continue reading ‘Viking’ Love Stories [♪]

Like Norse Mythology? Here are Some Resources.

Of course, I do have my own fair share of resources about Norse mythology here in the Hall, including Lore Tomes about the Norse Gods, several posts about the Land-Spirits (including a podcast episode), and information regarding the Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar. But for those who really want to explore this topic further, here are several … Continue reading Like Norse Mythology? Here are Some Resources.

Land-Spirits, III: Dealing with New Neighbors

☞ Before reading: This is part III of the (slightly modified) written form of the Fjörn's Hall Podcast episode titled "Landvættir: The Land-Spirits of the Medieval North." You may listen to it here, or you may enjoy it in written form below! Looking for part II? Dealing with New Neighbors: Iceland's Settlers Encounter the Land-Spirits … Continue reading Land-Spirits, III: Dealing with New Neighbors

Advice from Odin, II: New Year

Some folk say that a new year means little more than a changing date, but most people see this time is an opportunity for renewal. For those seeking to better themselves this year, I hope that you all succeed in fulfilling your oaths---and we shall drink to your honor this night, as we celebrate! In … Continue reading Advice from Odin, II: New Year

Advice from Odin, I: Drinking

This advice is always good to follow, but I tend to share it the most around New Year's (for fairly obvious reasons). That said, whether it is that time of year or not, allow me to share some of Odin's warnings and advice about drinking. After all, we should all drink responsibly. Besides, I don't … Continue reading Advice from Odin, I: Drinking

Concerning Overworking

As busy as the Master Builder burdening Svadilfari with stone,[1] the book-grove dweller,[2] the brain-gilder,[3] will one day reduce to weary bone. Hurry to Heimdall’s[4] peaceful mead-hall, to Himinbjorg,[5] when giant’s wind[6] howls in the brow-fortress;[7] to Baldur’s[8] hall, fair Breidablik,[9] when mind-trouble prowls. Notes: 1 | These first two lines refer to a story … Continue reading Concerning Overworking

The Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar

This blog post will teach you how to tell time like a Viking! Well....not exactly. First of all, not all Scandinavians were Vikings, but that's a conversation for another post (like this one). Secondly, the information that we actually do have about the Norse calendar comes from medieval Icelandic sources, hence why I constantly add … Continue reading The Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar