Concerning ‘Red Gold’

When you look at gold, what color do you see? Probably some shade of yellow. Why, then, do Old Norse texts often mention 'red gold'? Is it different from normal gold? If so, what is it? I was asked this question on Tumblr recently, so I took a moment to dig up an answer. Here's … Continue reading Concerning ‘Red Gold’


Introducing the Elder Futhark

When it comes to runes, the Elder Futhark are certainly the most popular; they are the most romanticized, as well as the most common runic...

A Brief Introduction to Runes

This part of the Hall contains basic information regarding five runic alphabets, which are named based on their time, place, and first six runes (futhark, futhorc, futhork, etc.). It is important to keep in mind that runes were generally meant to be written based on their sound, not just their letter equivalent. If you encounter … Continue reading A Brief Introduction to Runes

Old Norse 1.1

Please gather around and join me by the hearth if you wish to learn more about the Old Tongue! The theme of our current festivities shall be "Njáll hét maðr...", which will be concerned with how great heroes are introduced in the sagas! During our next few gatherings, we will learn more about this theme, … Continue reading Old Norse 1.1

Old Norse Preface

Preface Introducing the Language "The term ‘Old Norse’ has been used in various ways. For some it is a broad concept covering the language of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, as well as Iceland and the other Scandinavian colonies, throughout the Viking Age (c. 750–1050) and the early and high Middle Ages (c. 1050–1350). At the … Continue reading Old Norse Preface

Fjörn’s Old Norse Dictionary

In an effort to help make Old Norse a more easily accessible language, I gather both interesting and useful words here in order to form a simple but useful 'dictionary' (one that is beneficial not only for scholars, but for anyone). Hopefully this page will help those who are unable to access or obtain more … Continue reading Fjörn’s Old Norse Dictionary