Viking History

The Viking Age, beginning with the raid on Lindisfarne in 793 AD and lasting roughly until the battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, represents a time of ingenuity and a fearless journey into the mists of the unknown. Yet, that depends on what story a given source tells us, for others regard this period as a time of great violence and darkness. Still, it remains a contested period between the forces of savagery and of innovative exploration. The reputation of the Vikings has captivated the imaginations of thousands, and yet they still remain shrouded in the mists to which they had set their sails. But perhaps the most enlightening aspect of the Viking Age is how Scandinavia gradually integrated itself into the larger medieval world.

Currently, this page holds links to the  various lessons of a Viking History Crash Course that have been featured on this website’s mother-blog. They are considered to be ‘informal’ because they have been written by an undergraduate student, have not undergone peer-review, and do not make use of substantial sources. Rather, they generally use a single classroom experience complemented with various books, articles, and other reliable sources. Nonetheless, they are not cohesive undertakings of their respective topics, but rather introductions to greater areas for study. Keep this in mind while enjoying the content!

[This series is currently ongoing…]

FIRST HALF: Culture and Society.

Lessons 1-20 (30 posts)

Introductory Segment

Mythological Segment

Literary Segment

Society and Law Segment

Ship Segment

Native Settlement and Trade Segment

Art and Weaponry Segment

SECOND HALF: Raids, Settlements, and Kings.

Lessons 21-34 (32 posts)

Viking Raids Segment

Viking Settlement Segment

  • Lesson 29a – Iceland, part 1: The Age of Settlements.
  • Lesson 29b – Iceland, part 2: Historians.
  • Lesson 29c – Iceland, part 3: The Commonwealth.
  • Lesson 29d – Iceland, part 4: Christianity.
  • Lesson 29e – Iceland, part 5: The Age of the Sturlungs.
  • Lesson 30 – The Faroe Islands.
  • Lesson 31 – Greenland and Vinland.

Kings and Christ Segment

  • Lesson 32a – Christianization, part 1: The Kings of a New Order.
  • Lesson 32b – Christianization, part 2: The Early Scandinavian Church.
  • Lesson 33a – The Major Kings of the Viking Age, part 1: King Harald Fair-hair.
  • Lesson 33b – The Major Kings of the Viking Age, part 2: King Harald Bluetooth.
  • Lesson 33c – The Major Kings of the Viking Age, part 3: King Harald Hardrada.
  • Lesson 34 – The Viking Legacy.


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