Fjörn’s Hall

Welcome weary friend,
to Fjörn’s warm hall,
where a kind skald sings
old stories anew!
Both harp and hearthside
beckon you hither,
heartily humming
mirth’s old harmony!

Here in this humble hall we explore the medieval North through its sagas, sharing stories both old and new with our fellowship of guests. As a result, this Hall is both a resource and a gathering place for people who are passionate about the history and culture of the Norse world. While a Guest of the Hall, you will not only enjoy good mead and stories by the hearthside, but also a wide variety of informative resources put together by a graduate student with magical powers:

Fjörn’s Hall Podcast
Old Norse Literature (and Where to Read It)
Interactive Saga Maps
Norse Mythology and Lore
Fjörn’s Library
#GunnarsGang (Featured Books)

So, weary wanderer, take your place near the hearth and join our company and fellowship! Together we shall feast with mead to warm our stomachs and sagas to warm our hearts!

ᛋᚴᛅᛚ! Skál! (Cheers!) 🍻

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Promoting Books about the Medieval North

gunnar-hnefataflssonHelp our Hall Companion Gunnar Hnefataflsson promote the literature of the medieval North (both old and new) by using the hashtag #GunnarsGang all across the great virtual Midgard! Posts using that hashtag to promote books will occasionally be featured on the Hall’s Instagram, Twitter, or even here on the blog! Happy reading, my friends!

Free Delivery on all Books at Book DepositoryIn our quest to promote literature about the medieval North, this Hall has affiliated itself with Book Depository, so every purchase made through this link will help support our humble Hall (no additional costs). Shipping is free worldwide, no matter where in Midgard you may be.