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You have stumbled upon the part of my Hall that is dedicated to storing primary resources for the Norse God Loki (ON: Loki)! Here you shall find links to useful texts, as well as information to the relative chapters and passages that concern him. These resources are meant for research, but are also suitable for more casual learners. I shall not provide a summary of who he is (and was), but rather will allow the texts to speak for themselves. So please do rummage around, my good friend; there is much to be found here!

  • (#) indicates a reference not by name (indirect).
  • […] provides additional information about a given reference.
  • # indicates a reference that may be of particular interest (Fjorn’s Recommendations).
  • ff. indicates that Loki is consistently present throughout the rest of that reference.
  • For verses: stanza#.line#

IMPORTANT: This page is NOT complete. The nature of this page is such that it will frequently be updated with new resources and references as they become known or available.


In accordance with Anthony Faulkes’ translation:

  • Gylfaginning:
    • 21 [quoting from Lokasenna: when Odin speaks to Loki about Frigg]
    • 26-7 [a summary of Loki (and his children); also here as Lopt]
    • 29 [in reference to Loki’s kin, Fenrir]
    • 35-6 [regarding Loki’s dealings as a horse (with Svadilfæri), and the birth of Sleipnir]
    • 37-8 [regarding the beginnings of Loki’s journey (with Thor) to Utgarda-Loki]
    • 41 [Loki’s eating competition against Logi (flame)]
    • 45 [Utgarda-Loki speaks of Loki’s competition against Logi]
    • 48 [regarding Loki’s frustration with Baldr]
    • 49 [Loki directs Hod to shoot mistletoe at Baldr]
    • 51-2 [regarding Loki’s flight after the death of Baldr, as well as his suffering]
    • 54-5 [regarding Loki’s actions at Ragnarok]
    • 58 [equated to Ulysses]
  • Skáldskaparmál:
    • 59-61 [regarding the tale of Loki and Idunn]
    • 76 [regarding the kennings used for Loki]
    • 81-3 [regarding the tale of Loki and Geirrod]
    • [as Lopt]: 83
    • (87) [in a poem about the tale of Loki and Idunn]
    • 88 [continuing the reference above]
    • 95 [regarding Loki’s actions at Ægir’s feast]
    • 96-7 [regarding the tale of Loki and Sif’s hair, as well as the treasures of the dwarves — Loki’s mouth is stitched]
    • 99-100 [regarding the tale of Otter’s Ransom]
    • 102 [in a reference to an earlier part of the story above]
    • 157 [listed among the Æsir]


In accordance with Carolyne Larrington’s translation:

  • Vǫluspá (The Prophecy of the Seeress):
    • 35.2 [Loki is introduced rather negatively]
    • 48.2 [regarding Loki’s arrival at Ragnarok]
    • 52.3 [regarding Loki’s defeat at the hands of Vidar]
  • Lokasenna (The Flyting of Loki):
    • prose [recounting Ægir’s feast]
    • 1-6 [Loki speaks with Eldir]
    • 6.2 ff. [Loki enters saying that he is thirsty and wonders why everyone is so silent — he is spoken of often from this point onward]
    • 8 [Bragi says that Loki has no place among the Æsir]
    • 9 [Loki reminds Odin of their blood-pact]
    • 10 [Odin tells Vidar (of all people) to pour Loki a drink]
    • 11 [Loki toasts to the Æsir, except singles out Bragi with an insult]
    • 12 [Bragi offers gifts to Loki, with hopes that Loki will not repay them with hatred]
    • 13-15 [Bragi and Loki quarrel]
    • 16 [Idunn seems to defend Loki]
    • 19 [Gefion also seems to speak well of Loki]
    • 23 [Odin refers to a story about Loki we do not have, regarding him giving birth to children]
    • 28 [Loki refers to his role in the death of Baldr]
    • 47 [Heimdall says that Loki is drunk]
    • 49 [Skadi refers to Loki’s binding, which is soon to come]
    • 50 [Loki refers to his dealings with Thai (and Idunn)]
    • 52 [Loki suggests that he has slept with Skadi in the past]
    • 53 [Sif offers Loki mead from a crystal goblet]
    • 54 [Loki suggests that he has slept with Sif]

NOTE: Loki, as the title suggests, plays a major role throughout this poem. I have selected a few stanzas that seem to provide the most useful information about Loki himself, but there is certainly more to be found there. He also speaks much about the other gods. I suggest that this poem be read in full, for those curious about Loki.

  • Þrymskviða (The Lay of Thrym):
    • 2.2 [Thor complains to Loki that his hammer is missing]
    • 5.1 [Loki flies off to Jotunheim, using Freyja’s feather-shirt]
    • 9-12 [Loki returns and tells them what news he has brought]
    • 20 [Loki agrees to go with Thor (who is dressed as a bride) as his maid]

NOTE: Loki plays a prominent role in this poem, although not much information is pulled from here. Still, it is a good poem to read in full.

  • Reginsmál (The Lay of Regin):
    • prose [recounting Otter’s Ransom]
    • 3.1 [Loki speaks with Andvari]
    • 6.1 [Loki speaks of their compensation gifts to Andvari]
    • 8 [Loki speaks about strife between kin]
  • Baldrs draumar (Baldr’s Dreams):
    • 14.3 [in reference to when Loki escapes from his bindings]
  • Hyndluljóð (The Lay of Hyndla):
    • 40.1 [regarding Loki’s children]
    • 41.1 [recounting that Loki once at a heart (this usually implies something magical — recalled Sigurd’s taste of Fafnir’s heart)]
    • 41.3 [as Lopt, referring to him being impregnated by a wicked woman]
  • Fjölsvinnsmál (The Sayings of Fjolsvinn):
    • 26.1 [in reference to a weapon (Malice-twig) that Loki uprooted]

FORNALDARSÖGUR (Sagas of the Ancient Age)

  • Vǫlsunga saga (The Saga of the Volsungs):
    • Chapter 14 [Loki slays Otr (Otter) and captures the dwarf Andvari, forcing him to give up his gold (see Reginsmál)]

HEIMSKRINGLA (Sagas of Kings)

In accordance with Heimskringla I, translated by Alison Finlay and Anthony Faulkes:

  • Ynglinga saga (The Saga of the Ynglings):
    • Chapter 17 [in verse: referring to his daughter, Hel]
  • Haralds saga gráfeldar (The Saga of Harald Greycloak):
    • Chapter 15 [in verse (as Lopt): in a kenning referring to Odin (Lopt’s comrade)]


REMEMBER: This page is NOT complete. I have only added what I could from my personal library, but I will be taking time in the future to gather more resources for this page. However, this should be enough to get the project started!