This section of my Hall is terribly empty, but that is because I have only recently begun to work on this endeavor! This page will contain information about Norse mythology, as well as other aspects of Norse spirituality, folklore, and traditions that often allude us.

To offer some more specific examples of what you can hope for, this page will include basic introductions to many figures from Norse mythology, as well as the sources they can be found in (quite like a database for information about individual elements of Norse mythology). For example, there will be a page for Odin, which will include a brief summary of who he is, but, most importantly, also a list of sagas and sources that contain information relevant to him, so that folk can read about him for themselves! It will be an ideal place for research.

It will also be a place where I gather various post that discuss relevant topics, such as my Yule tag. On that page, you will find various posts where I have talked about Yule. I intended to do the same for other holidays, such as Winter Nights. Yet, I will also include other aspects of later medieval folklore. Time will tell, my friends!