Big Changes Coming to Fjorn’s Hall

NOTICE: This website is currently in a transitional phase. To put it simply, I’m upgrading Fjorn’s Hall to a subscription-based educational website with online ‘courses,’ resources for independent research, and (potentially) video lectures.

Since starting Fjorn’s Hall on Tumblr back in September of 2015, it has been an up-and-down journey. It flourished while I was an undergraduate, especially when I began writing a series of posts that created an informal crash-course on Viking History. Since then, I have obtained a Master’s degree and written a thesis on women, power, and ordinary objects in medieval Iceland. But now, having graduated and hit the dismal job market, I find myself struggling to keep this Hall alive without any revenue. Thus, in an effort to grasp a career as an independent scholar and provide a more reliable place on the internet for people to learn about Norse history, literature, and lore, I have decided to create new courses and resources through a subscription-based blog/website.

Unlike online courses offered elsewhere and through universities, I plan to keep my website affordable and flexible. I currently anticipate that the monthly cost will be around $10 a month, though various subscription levels will be available to suit each individual wanderer’s needs (cheaper plans for research/resource posts only and more expensive for access to video lectures—perhaps). Furthermore, there will be no deadlines, new content will be available every month, and people can come and go as they need (or finances allow).

Here’s a list of planned and potential content that will come with this change:

  • a ‘course’ on the history of medieval Iceland and its literature (sagas, eddas, etc.) (I use the word ‘course’ liberally, though)
  • (perhaps) a renewed effort on the Viking History course
  • reference pages for where to find mentions for certain figures/subjects (such as the lore tomes I’ve already made, but improved and finished)
  • special “hearthside history” posts (like this one) that go into more detail on particular topics covered in the courses, such as daily life, women, etc. (I may do voting to decide which topics get covered)
  • (perhaps) Old Norse resources, including charts, guides, and study materials
  • digital maps (like this one) to aid contextualizing locations and sources
  • posts gathering external resources that are from reliable sources, including books, websites, videos, podcasts, and more
  • (perhaps) general posts to help wanderers tackle primary sources, be a responsible scholar, and introduce people to certain topics (such as linguistics, medieval literature, and history more broadly)

I hope that you will consider helping the Hall grow by supporting this decision. It was very hard for me to come to it, because I’ve always wanted to keep my content free—but alas…the world is too harsh for a scholar to work entirely for free.

Thank you kindly for your understanding.

— Fjorn

NOTE: Once this change occurs, most of the posts on this website (including those linked above) will no longer be available to those who aren’t subscribed to it. It is likely that some sample posts will be freely available, however. Again, I do this regretfully and out of necessity, lest the Hall crumble in disuse all together.

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