Here you see the names of the most honored: the Fellowship of Fjorn.

These are my dearest patrons, and I am their humble Skald. For their generosity, I give them monthly rewards along with having their name carved on my Hall’s runestone. If you too would like to join our Fellowship, please travel over to Patreon and visit my booth there:

🍃 Note: These are not actual runes on the runestone, but rather a fancy font to make them look like runes. For real runes, please visit the Runes page!


Fjorn's Hall Runestone

I am forever in debt to my esteemed Fellowship of guests and friends. If it were not for them, this Hall would be but a earthen floor haunted by the spectral seal of Eyrbyggja saga.

Þakka ykkur kærlega fyrir,
Thank you all affectionately,
— Fjorn the Skald