Farmsteads and Agriculture

In this gathering by the Hearthside, I share the history of the medieval North's farmsteads and agriculture. While many of us flock to learn about raids, runes, and magic, this blog-post offers a refreshing look into the daily lives of the Norsefolk. Join me by the Hearthside to learn more!

The Norse Homeland

What was the 'Viking' homeland like? What kind of environment was it? What hardships did they face? How did the land shape their society? Who lived in there? And what kind of kingdoms were there? -- Join me on this Raid to explore the history of the Vikings!

Interacting with Medieval Iceland

While there is already a wonderful Saga Map out there by Emily Lethbridge, this map presents similar material in a different way (i.e. color-coded regions, themes icons, etc.), and hopes to provide a tool for anyone interested in medieval Iceland and its incredibly geographically-oriented literature. But if you're looking for an academic tool for exploring …

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