The Poetic Edda: Studying a Source for Norse Mythology

In recent years, the popularity of the Norse myths has grown exponentially. With bestselling books such as Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology and History Channel’s award-winning television series Vikings, the stories of the Norse gods and their human heroes have become a part of our modern cultural life. The thousand-year-old deities that encompassed a rich oral … Continue reading The Poetic Edda: Studying a Source for Norse Mythology

Njal’s Saga: A Medieval Best-Seller Most People Haven’t Heard of [♪]

Meet Njal's Saga, a medieval best-seller that most people haven't heard of. But despite its relative obscurity today, it stands out as an epic story fused with both archetypal heroes and the tragic social realities of the 'Viking' world, which have become a cage trapping them and plunging them into a endless tide of human violence beyond … Continue reading Njal’s Saga: A Medieval Best-Seller Most People Haven’t Heard of [♪]

Resources for Njal’s Saga

Never heard of Njal's Saga? Don't worry, you're not alone---it's actually a medieval best-seller most people haven't heard of. But luckily, all you have to do is read this post to get yourself acclimated, and then you're all set to enjoy one of medieval Iceland's finest sagas (as so many saga-enthusiasts proudly proclaim)! That introductory … Continue reading Resources for Njal’s Saga

Feuding, I: What is Feud? Solving Problems with an Axe

Many of the great sagas and ancient lore from the medieval North recount endless, bloody feuds between generations of prominent families: a conflict ends, peace...

Introducing the Elder Futhark

When it comes to runes, the Elder Futhark are certainly the most popular; they are the most romanticized, as well as the most common runic...

Rímur: Reciting Part I of Gisli Sursson’s Epic

Behold! a modern Viking's poem! Hear a skald recite the first part of an epic poem inspired by Gisli Sursson's Saga, a work of medieval Icelandic literature written during the 13th century. This part of the poem recounts the first chapter of that saga, which takes place in Norway just a few generations before Gisli’s time. Quick … Continue reading Rímur: Reciting Part I of Gisli Sursson’s Epic

Gisli Sursson’s Epic, Part I

Part I of my epic poem based off of Gisli Sursson’s Saga, a work of medieval Icelandic literature composed during the 13th century! It has been composed by me and therefore should not be mistaken for a historical source. Please consider reading the ‘original’ prose story before (or after) enjoying this poetry.

Legendary Swords: Gramr, Skǫfnungr, and Grásíða

In this gathering by the hearthside, we’re sharing the stories of three legendary swords from the sagas of the medieval North: Gramr, Sköfnungr, and Grásíða! And while we do, we’re going to find them plunged into trees by a strange old man, stolen from burial mounds by Icelandic Vikings, and manhandled by a headstrong poet. But if that’s not interesting enough, we’re also going to slay a dragon, cut off someone’s back end, introduce ourselves to a sword-dwelling snake, and fix a broken blade with some sorcery. By the end, we’ll not only have cool stories to tell our friends, but also learn a thing or two about what these swords meant for the people telling their tales. Honestly, what’s not to like? It’s a great deal! So tune in to Fjörn’s Hall, if you’d like to hear more!

The Vikings and Their Era

Who were the Vikings? What were they really like? Were they really all violent berserks? What was their reputation? Is it true? And what was their world like? -- Join me on this Raid to explore the history of the Vikings!

A Brief Introduction to Runes

This part of the Hall contains basic information regarding five runic alphabets, which are named based on their time, place, and first six runes (futhark, futhorc, futhork, etc.). It is important to keep in mind that runes were generally meant to be written based on their sound, not just their letter equivalent. If you encounter … Continue reading A Brief Introduction to Runes