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#GunnarsGang, II

Occasionally, the Hall’s companion Gunnar Hnefataflsson embarks on a mission to promote the sagas of the medieval North, the scholarship that surrounds them, and discover new stories that have been inspired […]

A Brief Introduction to Runes

This part of the Hall contains basic information regarding five runic alphabets, which are named based on their time, place, and first six runes (futhark, futhorc, futhork, etc.). It is […]


Behold! A wondrous page filled with resources, links, and answers to frequently asked questions! I’m curious about Norse mythology, but don’t know where to start. What do you recommend? Go […]

Old Norse 1.1

Please gather around and join me by the hearth if you wish to learn more about the Old Tongue! The theme of our current festivities shall be “Njáll hét maðr...”, […]

Old Norse Preface

Preface Introducing the Language “The term ‘Old Norse’ has been used in various ways. For some it is a broad concept covering the language of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, as […]

Fjörn’s Old Norse Dictionary

In an effort to help make Old Norse a more easily accessible language, I gather both interesting and useful words here in order to form a simple but useful ‘dictionary’ […]