The Gatewatch: A Troll Hunting Saga

Long ago the northern realm of Noros was wild and full of wicked trolls. Torin Ten-Tree’s great grandfather defeated [...]

Like Norse Mythology? Here are Some Resources.

Of course, I do have my own fair share of resources about Norse mythology here in the Hall, including Lore Tomes about the Norse Gods, several posts about the Land-Spirits (including a podcast episode), and information regarding the Old Norse-Icelandic Calendar. But for those who really want to explore this topic further, here are several …

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Lore Tome: Loki

Come by the fire, my good friends, for I'd like to share a Lore Tome with you all! This one is about Loki, and here you shall find links to useful texts, as well as information regarding relative chapters and passages. You may seek out the texts yourselves, but I have also decided to provide …

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