“Two episodes in and I’m hooked. This podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in nordic sagas/norse mythology/medieval nordic stuff. I love the narrator’s storytelling, he really makes you want to make a bonfire and drink some mead while listening to a new saga. I like that he’s not just reading sagas but taking parts of each on in order for listeners to learn about what/who he’s talking about. Head my warning though, this podcast should never touch daylight, and make sure you tilt your listening device so the friendly snek can escape, all wounds made from this podcast can only be healed by the healing stone he sends you by raven, and this podcast cannot be listened to unless you want to do battle.

P.S. His Icelandic/nordic pronunciation is A+ material, he doesn’t chew up the words like many American learners do. Keep up the great work!”

— Review of the Fjörn’s Hall Podcast on iTunes (from July 20th, 2018).