The Historian’s Thing

IN THE ICELANDIC SPIRIT, this page is the Historian’s Thing, an ‘assembly’ (OI þing) where I (the author) speak directly about topics of history and historical practice. Topics that can be expected will generally concern the nature of interest and interpretation of history within the medieval North in particular. For example, I may ask questions such as this and discuss them: why is medieval Christianity the elephant in the room when we talk and (sometimes) read about medieval Scandinavia? Or I may also simply discuss my thoughts on historical practice (and perception) within the field (but more specifically about amateur historians and enthusiasts). The topics possible are quite vast, and the discussions around them will be more direct and personal than many of my other posts (such as lessons). They will serve to talk about the nature of interest in the field with the larger community of interest (i.e. non-academics), especially emphasizing the things that we (as a community) either choose to ignore, or things that we choose to emphasize in their place.

(Posts will be coming soon)